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SMSF Loan Experts Provide Ultra-Competitive SMSF Home Loans

Staying true to its name, SMSF Loan Experts is a reputable company in Victoria that specialises in helping Australians access ultra-competitive & low-rate SMSF home loans

Grow Your Super with SMSF Home Loans 

As a self-managed superannuation fund or SMSF trustee, borrowing to acquire an investment property could be the financial kickstart you’ve been looking for. You can boost the growth of your SMSF and retirement fund with stable rental incomes. However, getting home loans through your SMSF comes with several challenges. 

SMSF lending is still relatively new. In turn, some SMSF loans can be stiff and restrictive. Such loans may come with high-interest rates and limit the types of property you can acquire. Also, SMSF loans can be harder to service than typical residential loans. SMSFs have to adhere to ATO’s LRBA rules when taking out a loan for investment purposes.

SMSF Loan Experts is ready to take on those challenges to help maximise your residential property investment. With an Australian credit licence, the company can deal with multiple lenders and compare different loan products & strategies. The loan specialists will do all the hard work, so you can access home loans with lower interest rates for the property you want. They’ll increase your purchasing capacity and widen your options.

Take Out SMSF Home Loans Compliantly

Borrowing money through your SMSF to acquire assets is only allowed under LRBA. You have to adhere to different rules and limitations. These include purchasing a single asset at a time and keeping it held in a trust until the SMSF property loan is repaid. You also can’t renovate the property until you settle the loan. You can only restore or repair it, but improvements that will boost its asset value aren’t allowed under LRBAs. 

Keeping the SMSF structure compliant with ATO’s sole purpose test is crucial, too. All investment profits made through SMSF loans must return to the fund. After all, the sole purpose of SMSFs is to secure the retirement fund of the members or trustees—and not to provide direct financial benefits to you or any other specific member. 

SMF Loan Experts will ensure your SMSF is set up or properly structured to take out an SMSF residential property loan. The loan specialists will guide you throughout the process. You can count on them to guarantee your fund’s compliance with ATO.

Borrowing through your SMSF to invest in properties is an effective way to boost your retirement fund. That’s especially true when you partner with SMSF Loan Experts. The company will help ensure you’ll have a compliant SMSF structure & a correctly optimised SMSF home loan that will add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your super.

About SMSF Loan Experts 

SMSF Loan Experts is a company that specialises in SMSF property investment, including residential & commercial SMSF loans, SMSF setup services and everything that relates to SMSF lending. They have been providing services all over Australia for over a decade now and are committed to making SMSF loans easy to understand. They ensure each transaction will go as smooth and convenient as possible. The company also has a wide network of SMSF lenders, helping SMSF trustees access ultra-competitive property loans. 

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