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Jericho Cosmetics and the Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

Jericho Cosmetics

At Australia News Daily, we take it upon ourselves to inform our reader of the best businesses and corporations – those who develop high-end products with fantastic service. In saying this, we wish to introduce you to Jericho cosmetics.

Jericho cosmetics is a skincare and cosmetics brand that offers its consumers a wide range of natural and organic products. Each and every one of their products are made with ingredients of exceptional quality, such as organic rose water, organic aloe vera, and lavender essential oils. 

The brand’s mission is to offer alternatives to the chemicals found within conventional skincare products. They believe that by using the products they curate, people can achieve healthy skin, and beautiful results; all through natural means. This brand has gained popularity among various celebrities and influencers, and rightfully so, as their products are of the utmost quality.

This company was founded in 1982 and has created a following as the first cosmetics brand that uses Dead Sea minerals in enhance their products. With over 40 years of proven results developing skincare and therapeutic products that combine the salts, minerals, and black mud of the Dead Sea, Jericho continues to invest in qualified and experienced chemists, top natural raw materials, and sophisticated manufacturing and packaging equipment. 

The Minerals of the Dead Sea

Over the years they have developed a series of products that perfectly combine:

  • The proven benefits of Dead Sea minerals
  • The nourishing moisture of plants
  • The smoothness of natural oils
  • The subtle fragrance of flowers

As the minerals of the Dead Sea is one of the key ingredients of the products developed by Jericho, it’s essential to know about its benefits. This natural phenomena has the lowest land elevation on Earth, sitting at 423 meters below sea level, and has some of the saltiest water besides that of natural seawater. It contains 21 minerals, 12 of which can only be found within the Dead Sea, and more than half of these minerals are essential to our bodies. 

It is difficult to gauge the health benefits of the Dead Sea, but modern science has proved that the Dead Sea is rich in concentrated minerals, which help people with cardio-vascular and lung diseases, as well as other diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, as well as providing relief from rheumatic, joint and inflammatory. Its other benefits include:

  • Drawing out skin impurities
  • Soothing itching, burning and bites
  • Smooth and soften the skin
  • Improve blood circulation and accelerate skin renewal
  • Help heal scars
  • Restore moisture balance
  • Eliminate toxins and purify the skin 
  • Relieve skin disorder symptoms
  • Prevent bacterials infections and much more

All of which can be achieved through the utilisation of Jericho cosmetics products, that are enriched with these Dead Sea minerals to provide you the aforementioned benefits.