My Health Story (MHS) helped 76-year-old Helen Sharam* work with her physiotherapist immediately after an overwhelmed hospital system moved Mrs Sharam from rehabilitation to home too quickly.

Thanks to the MHS, the physiotherapist knew Mrs Sharam’s medical history before meeting her.

Physio CL said:

“Having all that information to hand online before I met Mrs Sharam helped me manage the appointment better so I could focus on providing the care. In addition, it helped me to connect more easily with the patient and understand her situation better. So this process also supported me.”

Mrs Sharam’s daughter Kirra added:

“Over many sessions with different healthcare professionals, my father, sister and I had to tell mum’s medical history repeatedly. No matter how many notes the hospital staff took, no one ever appeared to get a grip on Mum’s situation or have access to her history. It was unproductive for the short-staffed, overworked healthcare workers. Furthermore, it was frustrating for Mum, who could not get the care she needed.”

Mrs Sharam is at home now and needs much help to navigate her home care package (HCP). This system financially supports people by providing in-home care and services so they can stay in their homes. It became quickly apparent that family members do the searching for specialist workers and help within this system. It was evident Helen Sharam needed her own My Health Story account.

Kirra said:

“Mum lost the use of her right arm and uses an ankle aid and walking stick. She sure needed a physiotherapist. So I shared Mum’s My Health Story with the physiotherapist, who then had the opportunity to learn much about Mum before seeing her. We were all relieved. I could log in and see the dates and times the physiotherapist accessed Mum’s health story and access the suggested recovery program for Mum.”

Mrs Sharam’s carer also has access to her whole story, including the uploaded programs from the physiotherapist. So the family are all comforted by the carer knowing the medical history and how Mrs Sharam feels.

My Health Story is a great communication tool between family and medical healthcare professionals.

(Personal names have been changed for privacy.)