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Introducing SaucedItPay: The Ultimate Payroll Solution for Streamlined Business Management

Sydney, 13 October 2023 – Today, SaucedIt, a leading name in cloud-based solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation, SaucedItPay. This comprehensive platform is meticulously designed to offer businesses an all-inclusive space for monitoring expenses, rosters, timesheets, pay runs, and leave management. Aimed at catering to the evolving needs of SMEs, SaucedItPay is set to revolutionise payroll services.

Unified Interface, Simplified Experience

At the heart of SaucedItPay lies an intuitive user interface that prioritises ease of navigation. The meticulous design is not merely about aesthetics but is built to foster human interaction. It presents a straightforward, logical menu system ensuring that users can focus on the task at hand without any distractions.

From onboarding new employees to the detailed process of approving timesheets and initiating pay runs, SaucedItPay offers an end-to-end solution. As one ventures further, the platform reveals its in-depth reporting capabilities, satisfying the analytical needs of managers and CFOs.

Rostering and Time Management Made Effortless

The rostering system embedded within SaucedItPay embodies user-friendliness. Managers can construct and dispatch rosters with unprecedented ease, ensuring employees receive timely updates either through email or the exclusive WorkZone app.

SaucedIt Employee Portal: Everything at Your Fingertips

The Employee Kiosk, a notable feature, allows staff to seamlessly access the SaucedIt Employee Portal from any device. It serves as a hub for employees to check upcoming shifts, request leaves, and view payslips, providing a unified experience that bridges the communication gap between management and staff.

Stay Compliant with Award Interpretation

Navigating the complex landscape of Fair Work Awards and EBA’s in Australia can be daunting. SaucedItPay eliminates this challenge by offering access to a vast library of modern awards. Businesses can simply select and install the relevant award, ensuring they remain compliant with Fair Work stipulations without the hassle of manual interpretations.

About SaucedIt

SaucedIt is a trailblazer in the realm of cloud-based solutions, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation to cater to businesses worldwide. With the introduction of SaucedItPay, they reiterate their commitment to offering practical, user-friendly solutions that resonate with the needs of the modern business landscape.

For more information about SaucedItPay or to request a demonstration, please email [email protected].