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SYDNEY, NSW – Cultura, the leading provider in the automotive industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art vehicle storage facility. Spanning over 5,500+ m2, the headquarters is equipped with the latest technologies and products specially designed to cater to enthusiasts who expect high-quality work.

The state-of-the-art facility provides short and long-term storage options for all makes and models of vehicles. It serves as a safe and secure garage away from home, offering outstanding delivery and flexible storage solutions that accommodate both short and long-term storage needs. “Cultura’s new storage facility goes beyond providing a space for storing vehicles. We are offering a comprehensive and secure solution that ensures the safety and well-preserved condition of each vehicle,” said a spokesperson for Cultura.

The facility operates with 24-hour security, ensuring the ultimate secured vehicle storage solution. It utilizes advanced surveillance monitoring technologies, with overnight guards on-site to ensure the safety of stored vehicles. In addition, Cultura’s facility allows customers outside of NSW to schedule storage for events, providing a convenient solution for event participants.

The facility is also designed to accommodate special events, such as race and display events. Customers can schedule storage in advance, ensuring their vehicles are well-preserved and ready for showcasing. This provides a secure environment for showcasing vehicles and offers a convenient solution for event participants.

“Cultura’s commitment to providing high-quality services and solutions is what sets us apart in the industry. With the launch of our new storage facility, we are taking a step further in delivering exceptional services to our customers and ensuring their vehicles are stored in a safe, secure, and well-kept environment,” added the spokesperson.

With their new storage facility, Cultura continues to redefine the standards in the automotive industry, demonstrating their dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

About Cultura

Cultura is a leading provider of premium car care and storage services in Australia. With a commitment to provide an unmatched experience in the automotive industry, Cultura offers highly secured storage facilities, comprehensive car care services, and unique events that blend fashion, food, art, and culture. Catering to car enthusiasts and luxury vehicle owners, Cultura fosters a thriving automotive community while delivering superior vehicle care and protection.

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