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How Technology Can Help Travelling Amid Pandemic Safer

Travelling during a pandemic is a complex process and can be very dangerous for people. Some companies have started using AI to help travellers go through this process with ease and avoid any unnecessary risks. For instance, Google Safe Map or AI Community Map can help you find cities not heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are more ways technology can ensure safe travels.

Moving to a digital process

As technologies evolve, border management becomes easier. More than three-quarters of respondents to a survey conducted by the International Commission for Cross-Border Cooperation claim that the use of e-visas would reduce paperwork, improve public safety and at the same time give border security officials more resources.

Using touchless tech

You can now open cars by only touching the unlock icon on your smartphone. This development has resulted in faster boarding & an improved experience. With cars connected via IoT, you no longer need a key to start driving.

You can now open your hotel room door with the tap of a button on your phone. Many hotels also use near-field communication (NFC) technology for this purpose. All you have to do as a traveller is enter the hotel. The hotel’s technology will then geolocate you, recognise you, and confirm your credit card is on file. Then the technology will send an update to the mobile app with your room number.

Indeed, touchless tech can provide travellers with much-needed convenience, time management, and efficiency during a pandemic.

Making the traveller part of the solution

It’s time for governments to reconsider the role of the traveller. They should allow travellers to own their digital biometric profiles and push this secure data in advance to make their journey easier. Often, travellers are met with trouble, but if they can provide departure airport security officials with an image of themselves at some point beforehand, they can pass through checkpoints and other roadblocks easily. 

A tourist taking photo

Traveller participation will enable the wide use of pre-clearance and will make international border crossings more efficient.

Tech helps ease the woes of travellers during a pandemic

Technology has removed the friction from the consumer shopping experience. With a simple touch of a button, your package can typically ship within hours. The same should be applied to the tourism industry. 

Travelling has always been an important part of life, but the change in today’s business travel has made it a bit challenging. But there’s growing technology to help companies optimise and automate different facets of business travel to provide a “frictionless” experience. Providers of travel solutions need to make their processes safer while still providing the best customer service they can. That, of course, should include complying with all current safety requirements.