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Home Design Will Change in the Post-COVID Years

Even after the pandemic ends, COVID-19 will change how we live and work. The effects of the virus on how we design our spaces will be drastic as well.

Reimagined layouts

Designating spaces based on function, and shifting toward a more traditional floor plan, is key in space planning. People can expect a shift back in that direction. After all, the open floor plan layout will likely end soon. 

Employers are hiring more people to work remotely. That can change the way interior designers and architects design and build homes. There will be more walls and doors to give each member of the family privacy, especially when they’re studying or working from home. 

New places to rest

Staying home is beneficial amid a global pandemic. But you also have to make sure that your home is a healthy environment. You should include robust air ventilation and filtration strategies to optimize indoor air quality. Even if they are small, windows can also help you take breaks from the repetitive patterns of studying or working from home.

Working out at home

People are now doing at-home workouts because so many gyms have shut down. But, where does exercise take place when someone is on a conference call and the kids are on a Zoom meeting?

Exercise mat

Home gyms are becoming more and more popular. Most of the time, people are now opting for a home gym as they feel it offers them more accountability and convenience. So, expect new homes to include gyms or dedicated rooms for meditation and exercise.

Outdoor improvements

Outdoor spaces are attractive and safe for meeting with family and friends. Some might need a little nudge—like covered sitting areas, gas firepits, or an enclosure that keeps out insects.

A screened porch or patio can be a great place to eat or just hang out. It’s also good for cooking because all the action takes place outside. An outdoor kitchen can turn into a beautiful gathering space where family and friends can come together to cook, eat, and more.

Less becomes more

If you want to get rid of clutter, it’s great to give yourself time to roam around your living space and put everything away. But if you want the best long-term result, don’t get rid of everything at once! If possible, de-clutter orderly in a few different stages. 

Following the COVID-19, people have learned to live with less, freeing up some space to build their post-COVID-19 living.

People have gained a greater understanding of their living needs and things to improve their current home environment. 

As the entire world hopefully transitions to the post-COVID-19, keep your changing needs as a homeowner in mind. Be sure that your new home or any renovations suit the “new normal.”