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Photo Framing

Turn Your Photos into Wall Art with Livestock Framing

With gallery-quality printing & framing services, Livestock Framing will help turn your vacation, birthday, or wedding photos into wall art. All it takes is just a few clicks.

How It Works

Livestock Framing believes photos should be as easy to frame as they’re to take in the first place. So they have created a simple yet elegant way to do that. 

Framing photos with Livestock only takes three easy steps:

  1. Go to Livestock’s website and upload digital photos. Feel free to upload photos from your phone, as the company has the technology to enhance it.
  2. Choose your frame color and size. Livestock Framing offers contemporary yet elegant frame options in four colors and six sizes. Each frame is made from high-quality wood and has gallery-quality matting & foam-core backing. 
  3. Wait for your framed photos. After choosing the frame color and size and completing your order, we’ll work on turning your photos into art and ship them. They’ll arrive at your door ready to hang—complete with hook and nail.

Gallery-Quality Printing

Livestock Framing takes pride in its top-notch printing capabilities. Even a national museum photography curator agreed and called the company printer one of the best in the US. The company does its best to turn digital photos, including those taken using smartphones, into museum-quality art prints. Its team will adjust the image color, contrast, and sharpness before printing—and it does that at no cost. 

Hand-Assembled Framing

Each frame is hand-assembled by craftspeople in Portland, Oregon. Livestock Framing is keen on every detail, offering photo frames with the following qualities:

  • Made from the highest quality of wood
  • With custom-cut & beveled premium mat for a gallery-quality appearance
  • With UV-protective acrylic to protect the print from harmful sun rays
  • With acid-free, conservation-friendly foam core backing
  • With a custom-taped backing to create a finished look 
  • Complete with hanging ware and protective felt 

Whether you’re starting a gallery wall at home or adding pieces to your existing photo wall, turn to Livestock Framing. The company can elevate the look of your special moments and turn them into framed photos that double as wall art pieces.

About Livestock Framing

Livestock Framing offers gallery-quality printing & framing services online. The company takes pride in creating framed prints to the highest standards. The team knows the value of memories and strives hard to treat yours with care and respect. 
Visit to start printing & framing your favorite photos.