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YouTube Viewership Skyrockets During the Pandemic

Consumption of YouTube has skyrocketed since stay-at-home orders started to go into effect around the world. Whether you’re planning to create cat videos, informational videos, or something else, YouTube is a great platform to unleash your creativity and even market your business.

Most popular types of content on youtube

YouTube was once a platform for people to share videos of their favourite musicians, comedians and other content creators. However, it has now evolved into a place where people simply watch random videos of everyday life. There are now many ways that people use the platform to post content.

Unboxing or product review

A product review is a detailed assessment of the quality and performance of a product. In these videos, people discuss a product or service they’ve used. They dive into their experience and answer whether or not they would recommend it for other people.

Most of the time, YouTube influencers unbox a new gadget and record what they’re thinking about it. Their reactions can be especially useful in our experience-driven economy.

How-to videos

How-to videos are popular instructional videos that provide viewers with a visual step-by-step of how to complete a particular task.

This could be anything from how to cook your favourite Indian meal to recreate a celebrity makeup look.

Top list videos

Top lists are videos where YouTubers announce their favourite performances in a particular category or the best examples in that category.

Comedy content

At some point, you probably found some videos on YouTube that entertained you or had a good laugh at a video on the platform.

The cliche is true: laughter is a universal language. Incorporating funny content into your company’s YouTube channel can humanise your brand. 

Challenge videos

These are videos that try to capitalise on current trends or memes.

Think about what your ideal customer will want to see and what aligns with your brand. That way, you can showcase something that is engaging and entertaining for the user.

Recording YouTube Videos

Reaction content

Reaction videos are those with YouTubers or thought leaders responding to something relevant to their audience. You can use them in a similar way to vlogs: express your unique perspective on developments in your industry or changes at your own company and share it with people who might not be able to attend events.


Docuseries give a behind-the-scenes look at your company or organisation. You can focus on customer stories or anything related to your business.

ASMR videos 

ASMR videos have been gaining popularity. These videos are designed to relax the viewers and induce a tingling, pleasurable sensation in the brain. The sounds in these videos range from brushing and scratching to tapping and whispering.

Game streaming content 

In this niche, content creators often stream their videos live. That way, they can interact with their audience directly. These interactions may take the form of questions or comments.

YouTube has an estimated two billion active users, and advertisers would miss out on a huge opportunity if they don’t take advantage of it. However, creating video content successfully can be difficult. Think about your audience—and focus on entertaining them.