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Do we need to teach entrepreneurship to school students?


While schools do their best with teaching the academics, parents should consider equipping their children with essential life skills and complement school knowledge with extra-curricular commercial learning.

Findings by the Australian research agency Mccrindle suggest that generation alpha – today’s primary school-aged kids who began to be born in 2010 – will become the world’s largest generation by 2025 when they are all born.

One of the unique characteristics of this emerging generation is earlier commercial sophistication, which includes increased interest towards earning and money management.

Since commercial education is not a part of school curricula (yet), it is important to provide an opportunity for young kids with entrepreneurial minds to learn about business and what’s involved in it.

A teacher, a mother and a business professional with a long-standing career in marketing, Julie Medeiros firmly believes that earlier education about entrepreneurship will benefit children in many ways:

  • It will help them connect school knowledge to real life and increase motivation to pursue learning beyond the classroom.
  • It will equip children with essential life skills, such as critical thinking, and teach them to make independent buying decisions in the shopping environment.

This is why Julie founded an online project Miss M Online Classes for kids 8+ with the goal to teach children how to analyse advertising, product labels, supermarket marketing, colour marketing and other effects designed to encourage specific buying behaviours.

Even non-enterprising kids benefit from such education as they learn to manage informational overdose, which is predicted to intensify further, and acquire important critical thinking skills through marketing examples.

Commercial education in primary school is a novice in the world of education, however the response from parents has shown they are eager for the kids to learn these vital skills.

Julie Medeiros

BEd, MMrktg

Founder of Miss M Online Classes