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Com2 Communications Unveils Comprehensive Suite of Telecommunication Solutions

Com2 Communications, a leader in the field of telecommunications, is delighted to announce its array of innovative products and services aimed at revolutionising the way businesses communicate. With over 23 years of experience, Com2 Communications has been delivering the highest quality of business telecommunications solutions and is trusted for its expert advice, rapid response times, and unbeatable prices.

Com2 Communications is committed to providing businesses with a seamless communication experience. They believe in simplicity and design easy-to-use business telecommunications solutions. Their services include high-speed internet options such as NBN, NBN-EE, Fibre400, Fibre1000, Wireless, and 5G, ensuring businesses have access to the fastest internet speed available in their area.

The company also offers an array of voice services including SIP TRUNKING, VoIP, and Teams Direct Routing. These services are designed to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and save time and money for businesses.

Further enhancing their offering, Com2 Communications has developed a unique feature that allows businesses to upgrade Microsoft Teams to become their Teams Phone System. This innovative feature allows for easy migration and offers options for desk phone, soft phone, or mobile app.

In addition to these services, Com2 Communications caters to call centre needs with software, PABX, and designs for inbound and outbound call centres. They also provide inbound numbers such as 13 Numbers, 1300 Numbers, 1800 Numbers, and Phone Words.

Com2 Communications prides itself on its 24/7 customer service support, with customer testimonials praising their prompt responses and service. They offer the best products at the best prices, with real prices and no gimmicks.

Com2 Communications’ commitment to quality is demonstrated by their use of genuine parts and adherence to the highest standards. Their technicians are highly trained, with ongoing training and certifications to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology and best practices.

Com2 Communications is trusted by many businesses, including Key Assets Qld, who recommends Com2 for telecommunications needs. They are known for their fantastic service and unbeatable prices for high-speed internet.

For more information about Com2 Communications and their services, or to request a call for installation, visit their website at

About Com2 Communications

Com2 Communications is a leading provider of business telecommunications solutions. With over 23 years of experience, they are trusted for their expert advice, rapid response times, and unbeatable prices. They offer a range of services including high-speed internet, voice services, call centre solutions, and inbound numbers. Com2 Communications is committed to connecting businesses to future technology and ensuring their communication needs are met with the highest quality of service.